Andy Lippman
Director MIT, Media Labs

Andy Lippman is a Senior Scientist at MIT and founding associate director of the MIT Media Lab. Mr. Lippman received his BS and MS at MIT, and PhD at EPFL, Lausanne. In the 1980s he developed the 'Movie-Map' that presaged Google's streetview. He helped pioneer visual imaging and communications systems such as MPEG and digital HDTV. Mr. Lippman formed the Media Lab's Digital Life Program that engaged 15 researchers and 45 companies in the invention and development of technologies and applications for human creativity and learning. More recently, he has created the Viral Communications research group at the lab to explore technologies that can scale without prior agreement such as blockchains, and he is now researching how AI can alter the style of video to present content that informs the viewer in a manner they can understand.