Our team has deep expertise in video technology, machine learning, cloud applications, streaming
infrastructure, digital marketing and customer service.

Amit Ramchandran

Founder and CEO

Masoud Ghafouri


Karthik Thangaraj

Head of Video Technology

Dhaval Pancholi

Head of Applications

Reema Prasanna

Head of Product

Shyam Krishnan

Head of Digital Marketing

Hussain Ali Mirza

Head of Customer Support

Nasser Kazeminy


Robert Priddy


Nader Kazeminy


John Sculley

Ex-CEO Pepsi, Apple

Mohsen Moazami

Venture Capitalist

Sanford R. Climan

President of Entertainment Media Ventures

Andy Lippman

Director MIT, Media Labs

Pegah Ebrahimi

Ex COO, Cisco Collaboration