John Sculley
Ex-CEO Pepsi, Apple

John Sculley is a former CEO of Pepsi cola Co during which time Pepsi became the largest selling consumer packaged group product in America. Later, he was recruited to Apple by Steve Jobs to become Apple's CEO, a position he held for 10 years. When Sculley left Apple, revenues had grown over 1000 percent and Apple had become the largest selling PC computer in the world. After leaving Apple, Sculley became an investor in and mento to those transformational companies and their entrepreneurial CEOs,: MetroPCs, one of the first digital wireless services; Intralinks, the first B2B Internet data services; one of the first online travel services; Misfit Wearables, one of the first sensor tracing companies; Zeta Global, now one of the largest AI personalized marketing platforms; Rally Health, one of the most successful consumer preventive care and wellness services; MDLIVE, one of the first tele-health companies; RxAdvance, the first AI robotic process automation platform designed to revolutionize the pharmacy services industry; Celularity a next generation bio-tech cell therapy and regenerative medicine company that is also an inventor of a COVID-19 patient treatment therapy; and On Demand Pharma, the first US based manufacturer of generic drugs to use innovative pharmacology science to create a US source material for safe active pharmaceutical ingredients.