Karthik Thangaraj
Head of Video Technology

Karthik is part of a new engineering breed; he's a 'Renaissance engineer'. His background spans the worlds of Video, Film, Cloud & Mobile software and more on a global stage. Exposed to real-world experiences of the digital age, he knows the importance of thinking about the field of engineering in a broad range of contexts, including economic, business, societal, and historical. Experience in managing software product development using agile methodologies Direct Experience on managing a mobile application development team. A video software entrepreneur with 7+ year's experience in hiring talented professionals and retaining them in all stages of a product life-cycle, from specifications through release. His extensive knowledge and experience in managing an overseas team helps Crunch 'surf the world'. He has 18+ years of total experience in software development. Highly talented in managing concurrent projects with parallel team efforts, his proficiency is working in a fast-paced, flat, agile, and distributed environment. With in-depth experience in video streaming technologies on the cloud, he keeps Crunch rolling at a rapid rate. His ability to communicate engineering concepts to the public and his team, in a collaborative way is refreshing. As a lead renaissance engineer with his superb technical know-how, he leads the full range of human experience.

Education includes Cochin University of Science and Technology with a Degree in MTech FIRST RANK and a GOLD MEDAL, a Master of Science (M.S.) from Madurai Kamaraj University, a degree in Physics with Electronics, First Class with Distinction and a BS from Thiagarajar College, a Bachelor's degree in Physics